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FOCUS/ Prayer Beads / Mala Beads / Mala Necklace / Hematite / Hamsa

FOCUS/ Prayer Beads / Mala Beads / Mala Necklace / Hematite / Hamsa

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Embraced with Hematite - a stone of focus and mental concentration. Silver plated findings and charm.

A suggested Mantra - I AM consciously focusing on my intentions. Where my focus goes energy flows. Mala Beads have been used for centuries as prayer beads in Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic cultures.

Necklaces are commonly strung with 108 beads and serve as meditative talismans with each bead representing a repetition of a mantra. Bracelets are strung with 27 beads. Today, many people wear their Mala Beads as a simple reminder of their personal and spiritual intentions.

After purchasing your very own Mala Necklace, it is recommended that you cleanse it by doing one of the following:

*placing it in the light of the moon

*placing it in direct sunlight


*smudging with sage, incense or essential oils

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you so much for looking! Many blessings to you!

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