I have always loved numbers and thought that I wanted to be Accountant.  However, after one semester of accounting at Pace University, I said to myself, "OH HELL NO!", this is not why I love numbers.  LOL. 

I met an amazing woman in 2006, Janet Gabel who upon our introductions and not even knowing me, said I am going to teach you everything about Numerology and my response was, "OH YES PLEASE!"  I could not believe it and was so excited to endure the journey of Numerology.  After working with her intensely for six weeks and diving in deep to the energy of numbers, I knew then why I loved numbers so much.   Isn't it amazing how the universe works and brings to you exactly what you need enhancing something you love and bringing it to light?  I am forever grateful to Janet Gabel.  She brightened my light of loving numbers.  I have done many workshops throughout the years and will continue to do so.  Now I think it is time for me to offer one on one sessions...I am confident in the strength of my brightness when it comes to sharing the energy of numbers and how they relate to our essence of being and make up the blueprint of our being.


Cost:  $144

In this session, you will receive a basic overview of your numerology profile.  We will discover your LIFE PATH and PERSONAL YEAR and will reveal and in-depth assessment of your life as well as some of what you have come here to accomplish in this lifetime.  


You will get a full report (via email) detailing and highlighting your strengths and weaknesses as well as why you are here in this life and your best options to fulfill it.

When booking a session, your full name as stated on your birth certificate as well as your present full name and your birth date are required.


Once payment is received, you will be contacted to schedule appointment.  Most sessions are remote via phone or zoom and last 60 minutes.  If you are within 5-10 miles of West Long Branch, NJ then we can set up a local meetup. 


The fee for a Numerology Session also includes any follow-up questions you may have about the reading after your session for a period of 1 week. Follow-up questions are answered by email only.