I love my Citrine necklace. From the moment I held it I could feel the energy. I will be purchasing more items for myself as well as always searching Krista's shops for gifts needed. This item is so meaningful and I coudn't be happier. And it is an attractive unique conversation piece!

Stephanie F.

Krista is a gifted workshop facilitator. I had the pleasure of learning from her at the SOAR symposium this spring. When a nagging question was hanging on my heart months later she was able to deliver a message through her gifts from the other side of the veil that was exactly perfect. Her jewelry is filled with spirit - just holding a piece you know it!

Patty L.

Such a beautiful piece of Geode Inspired Wall Art! Thoughtful poetry on the back made me feel this piece was made just for me! I smile every time I look at it in my office!

Coreen W.