Magnificently Made!

So I said YES to being part of an amazing collaboration of 32 other extraordinary women where we share a piece of ourselves in a chapter that will make up Magnificently Made, a book brought to life by Jennifer Young and Jessica Varian Maldonado of releasing THIS YEAR - 2023!

*PRE-SALES - 8/8/23*


Magnificently Made
Book Size: 8x10
Matte Satin Embossed Hardcover
424 Full Color Satin Paper Pages

*RELEASE DATE - 11/11/23*

Writing my chapter was one of the most hands down, drop to the floor surrendering healing experiences I have ever had. And what is even better is that it is being released in the universal year of a "7". We all have something to share and each one of the contributors to this anthology pour their wisdom and vulnerability out onto the pages. I am excited to be part of this and even more excited to read the chapters of the women who came together to create this masterpiece.