Meet Krista Lynn

I, Krista Lynn, Jewelry Designer, Creative Spiritual Workshop Facilitator, Light Worker and Passionate Entrepreneur, was divinely guided to find my story. I have made it my intentional commitment that, through my jewelry creations and workshops, people manifest their own stories. 

In 2002, I took a giant leap of faith -- I left a stable corporate profession where financially I was raking in abundance. Spiritually, however I was starving. I was often physically sick and generally unfulfilled.

I knew that this was no way to live but I had no idea what to do next. Asking the universe for guidance I was moved to take a sabbatical to Europe. For two weeks, I traveled alone, blissfully remembering who I really was gaining valuable insight into the person I wanted to become.

Upon returning home, I was inspired to enroll in a course taught by Barbara Sher at The Leaning Annex in NYC. The message being communicated was crystal clear – a person can do anything if they only knew what it is. So moved by this experience, I advanced my education, joining a Success Team led by Andrea Reese. Since as Barbara Sher says “Isolation is the dreamkiller”, this weekly gathering of supportive individuals empowered my vision for "ArtSpa" -- a facility offering creative spiritual workshops to those in search of inspiration and healing. However, along with my dream came a degree of fear.

This fear then guided me to Julia Cameron's course, The Artist’s Way. So inspired, I was then able to tap into my inner voice. Looking within, I wondered how I would make my dream of ArtSpa come to fruition. Encouraging words from Julia Cameron -- "jump and the net will follow" gave me the faith and confidence I needed to boldly move forward.

This led me to participate in an intensive yoga teacher training, YogaVeda at the Queens Yoga Institute in New York, led by Kris Lanzaro. This training enhanced my strengths and creative abilities in a way that would prove invaluable to my future role as Creative Spiritual Facilitator.

From these wonderful experiences, I was then divinely guided to design jewelry. My primary focus was to envision and design one-of-a-kind ceramic pendants uniting beauty, grace and spirituality. Designing jewelry brings me to a peaceful place where the hummingbirds flutter, waterfalls cascade and flowers burst into bloom against a warm azure sky. I have found my bliss! Krista Lynn Designs (as well as myself) had awakened. Each one of my jewelry pieces tells a story. Embraced with semi precious stones, each creation powerfully attracts its rightful owner. The process of designing and creating jewelry came naturally to me and through this artistry I found something about which I am passionate. Through traveling and research I have cultivated a strong knowledge of stones and crystals and am a firm believer in the spiritual and healing qualities of these natural resources. 

While living in Miami Beach, Florida for a short period of time, I had the opportunity to show my passion to the world November 2, 2005 on HGTV's show, That's Clever.

I firmly believe in sharing my knowledge. If it can broaden someone's perspective on jewelry then I know that I have inspired. I was also selected to teach a kids summer camp. So inspired was I by the children’s innocence and creativity that I began to offer Kids Beading Parties when I returned to the Northeast. These parties took off immediately and continue to grow. It was at this juncture in time that my Creative Spiritual Workshops really started to gain exposure and momentum, especially the Mala Necklace Workshop. 

This 20+ year journey of spiritual growth and self-awareness has guided me to share my knowledge of beading, crystals and creative spirituality with the public. I lead spiritual workshops that inspire, empower and heal anyone with whom I come into contact. 

I feel that I owe my life to the people that I love, for without their enduring support and nurturing existence I would not be where I am today. I work under the principle that everyone possesses a creative spirit just waiting to be awakened and embraced. Above all, my workshops teach the importance of being true to yourself – “If you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.”

My passion to share and inspire has lead me to truly become a passionate entrepreneur. Being that I am a single mom of two amazing boys and not able to travel outside of the tri-state can now find my Mala Bead Kits at here in my shop. By offering out my Mala Bracelet and Mala Necklace Kits, my intention is to share the process of Making Your Very Own Mala Beads to anyone...anywhere. It is my wish , passion and dedication that these products reach the hands of people that want to inspire others with a mindful experience in connection to the power of intention. 

Being a Single Mom, solely running three businesses, raising two very energetic teenage boys, one dog and four cats is priceless. Thank you ALL for being part of my journey...I am extremely grateful!