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EMOTIONAL STRENGTH / Agate Slice / Geode Inspired Wall Art / One of a Kind / Resin Art

EMOTIONAL STRENGTH / Agate Slice / Geode Inspired Wall Art / One of a Kind / Resin Art

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STUNNING one of a kind geode inspired wall art


Every home needs a strong, foundational energy. Agate provides the balance you need at home, so that you can walk outside with a calm, confident outlook. Place this Agate Slice one of a kind resin wall art in your decor to relax and recharge in stabilizing energy. Let the energy of this agate slice ground any unsettled energy within your home, and create the harmonious environment that your spirit needs.

This stone of resilience bolsters your emotional strength, so that you can better cope with difficulties. When your spirit isn’t grounded in a solid foundation, it’s easily rocked by the issues that come up in life. Agate connects with your core chakras to build up your emotional stability, and protect you from feeling overwhelmed. The courage agate lends will bring you to focus on opportunities for growth, rather than allowing the mind to linger on negative thoughts.

Fortify your home and spirit with the energy of confidence, and you’ll take that positive conviction into every area of your life. If you find that your emotions are often at the mercy of others, bring an agate slice into the home to strengthen your spirit. By rooting your emotions in courage and self-esteem, you can feel more in control of how you react to situations.

If you are feeling drawn to an agate slice, it may mean that you’re ready to ground your spirit in stabilizing energy. The more balanced you feel emotionally, the more progress you are able to make in life. To strengthen your spiritual foundation and forge a confident path forward, bring the energy of an agate slice into your home. Credit:


Size: 8 inches x 8 inches - wall hanging saw tooth hanger attached for easy hanging

Due to differences in screen/computer monitor displays, actual colors may vary slightly.

*This is an original, one-of-a-kind, handmade piece of artwork. Many hours go into each piece from the placing of the crystals to the pouring of the resin to the fine details. While I do my very best to create a smooth and flawless finish, small cosmetic bubbles or indentations may naturally appear in the resin coating

Thank you so much for stopping by my shop. Many blessings. 

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