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Clarity /Amazonite / Amethyst / Home Decor / Gift of Good Intention

Clarity /Amazonite / Amethyst / Home Decor / Gift of Good Intention

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Place this Amazonite Crystal in a place where you would like to embody clarity and heartfelt communication.  Perfect to place on your desk to energize creative heartfelt thoughts and words of inspiration.  

The serene energy of this stone makes Amazonite a powerful heart chakra stone helping to release toxic emotions and other unwanted energy from your heart space.

In addition to its “go-with-the-flow” energy and connection to the heart chakra, the Amazonite crystal healing properties are also associated with the throat chakra, the center of communication and expression. By balancing and clearing this energy center, Amazonite can also be used as a powerful throat chakra stone stone to support

This one of a kind Crystal Creation is blissfully made with the best of intentions to empower, heal, manifest and bring joy.

Comes beautifully packaged with an inspiration card. These make the perfect gift for someone special who is getting married, buying a new home or simply because you want to give them some positive flowing energy.

Thanks so much for stopping by my shop. Many blessings to you!

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