Please call or email desired studio to pre-register.  So grateful for the 13+ years sharing my passion and purpose with my Creative Spiritual Workshops.  The intention behind my workshops is to guide you in a mindful experience where you trust your intuition and tap into your creativity. I believe that we all have the answers within us...we just need to awaken and bring those answers to light - Krista Lynn

Some of the workshops that I offer at studios, in the privacy of your own home, or in corporations:

  • Make Your Own Mala Beads with Krista Lynn
  • The Energy of Numbers and What They Reveal About YOU!
  • Make Your Own Vision Board with Krista Lynn
  • Numerology Inspired Bracelets with Krista Lynn
  • Angels and Anklets with Krista Lynn
  • Mommy & Me Mala Making with Krista Lynn
  • Girls Night In - Home Parties with Krista Lynn​​